The Decline of the DIY Blind

Remember 30 to 40 years ago, looking out on the frozen lakes at all the ice shacks out there? Well, you might be surprised to learn that most all of them were homemade back in those days. Things on the ice are quite different now, that’s for sure. Nearly all of the ice shacks you see on the lakes today are purchased, that is,  were made by a manufacturer. Then there are all the portable pop-up shelters that are made mostly in China and shipped to the US by the thousands.


 Take a notice when you are driving through the country at the hunting blinds that dot the landscape. Nearly all of them are homemade. They range from death-defying haphazardly nailed together boards all the way to elaborate houses on stilts and everything in between. Some have living quarters, kitchens, poker tables and even hot tubs in them.


 I predict that  20 to 30 years from now, or sooner, most of the blinds you will see in the countryside will be purchased from a manufacturer just like the ice shacks went.


 Let’s face it, time is the single most valuable asset we have and it is getting more and more competitive to manage our time. As the professional blind industry continues to grow, competition will increase which will expand the choices and price ranges. This has already started in many areas of the country and especially in the southwest. Blinds will begin to expand beyond just being blinds. I often wonder where the market will take us. Will hunters want to expand conveniences in the blinds such as electricity, meal prepping, streaming football games, beverage areas and even sleeping quarters? Whatever the market develops into, Harvey Allen Outdoors will be there to innovate the best way to incorporate those into our designs.  Always top quality, built to last!