Answers to your most common questions

Platinum Blinds: FAQ

  • How high can I go with the Harvey Allen Deer Blind?

  • What is the most popular size Deer Blind?

    The most popular size Deer Blind we have is the 5x6 with a platform followed by the 6x8 with a platform. We have 5 basic sizes. 4x4, 4x6, 5x5, 5x6 and 6x8. Most hunters when hunting alone like to be able to spin around in the Deer Blind with their gun in their lap and not hit the walls. That’s why the 5 feet and 6 feet models are more popular than the 4 feet. If you are a compound bow hunter, then the 5 foot sizes are a must. Your elbow will hit the back wall at full draw in the 4 foot sizes.

  • Do you make custom size Deer Blinds?

  • What is the Platform Option?

    We have two types of entry into the Deer Blinds. The ladder directly into the door and the Platform with a side entry that you enter standing up. By far, 99% of our Deer Blinds are built with the Platform. We feel that it is a matter of safety and that is why we pioneered the Platform entry in the first place. We are flattered that most of the competitors now have platforms. It simply helps reduce the number of injuries in the field.

  • How is the Deer Blind delivered?

    This is a great question. Our Deer Blinds come 2 ways. “Built” or “Knock Down”.


    1. “Built” means that the Deer Blind is completely assembled and ready to be put up in your hunting area. This requires a skid steer to load and unload from a trailer.
  • How do I get the Deer Blind?

  • Do you come out and install the Deer Blind?

    Yes. We come to your site with the Deer Blind(s) and do all the installation work. We have installed hundreds of Deer Blind and encountered just about every scenario. We even installed a Deer Blind on top of a rock pile for a client.

  • Is there a fee for Set Up?

  • Can I install the Deer Blind(s) myself?

    From experience, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to install a Deer Blind for the first timer. We recommend using 4 guys but it can be done with 3.

  • Can the deer or bear see you up there?

    Yes. Of course deer and bear can see movement in the windows. Both will see any movement in the woods or on a field. You have to hunt from a Deer Blind with the same attitude as any other stand and always respect the survival skills of wild game.

  • Is the gun shot loud in the Shack?

    No. The muzzle of the barrel is outside the Deer Blind and pointing away from the Deer Blind. The blast is no louder than shooting from a normal tree stand.

  • How do the bow windows work? Can’t the deer or bear see you up there with that big window?

    We get this question a lot as well. The best answer is think when you have hunted from a ladder stand. Can you be seen? How do you compensate for that ? Well, our Deer Blinds are somewhat concealing but you have to always assume that the game can see any movement that you make in the Deer Blind.

  • How does the pricing work?

    Another really good question. We think Warren Buffet put it best when he said “Price is what you Pay and Value is what you Receive”. We use the highest quality materials we can find. Our Deer Blinds are built “Military Grade” and will last for many years. That cannot be accomplished by building Deer Blinds using cheap materials built by cheap labor using cheap tools. We have invested in highly skilled workers using top of the line commercial tools in a professional facility.

  • How long will these Deer Blinds last?

    We have some shacks that we built before it was our business that have been out there for 20 years. But, we don’t like to brag. Just like any structure on your hunting land, there is maintenance. Touch-up paint and greasing hinges is about all. The base is not going to wear out in your lifetime and probably not in your grandkids lifetime. Some of the plywood siding will need replacing every 10 to 15 years or so.

  • What if I want a custom Shack?

    No problem. We can accommodate most any need. We even had a client want a coffee pot, heater, and a DVD player in his Deer Blinds. We called it the “Man Cave”.

  • If I order 20 Deer Blinds do I get a better price?

    What do you think? Of course. We are hunters just like you but we are also business owners just like you. The more Deer Blinds you order, the more economies we get and can pass along to you.