History of the Harvey Allen Hunting Blind

By Charlie Slater


I really prepared this year for Deer Hunting Season. I spent two weekends in my hunting woods clearing all the trails of fallen trees and limbs. I checked all of my ladder stands and tightened things up. I rebuilt one of my favorite stands. I got a menu all figured out and did all the grocery shopping. I got the beer and brandy. I got to hunting camp a day early and set everything up for all the guys. Finally, here it is 5:00 opening morning. I put the coffee on and pack a lunch in my pack excited to get out there and spend the day.  Then I look at the temperature gauge outside the window and it says 3 degrees. Then I stick my head out the door and feel the 15 mph northwest wind. So, I bundle up with several layers and grab my gear and head out. I get to my ladder stand about 30 minutes before shooting time. I get settled in and pour a cup of coffee that gets cold right away in the low temp and wind. The 15 mph wind is hitting me right in the face. By the time it’s legal to shoot, I am already freezing and shaking. Not even an hour later I realize that this is absolutely miserable. Then I think about all the preparation that was put into getting ready for this one day. Here it is, opening day of deer hunting and I am miserable in my stand after only an hour and a half. The cold and wind is going right through me now. I have to leave the woods and go back to camp to warm up and get even more layers to put on”


That was my hunting experience in 2009. It never let up the entire 9 days of gun season. I could go out for a little while in the morning and again at lunch and again at the end of the day. But, for me, I had to go back to camp to warm up a few times a day. You see I love to hunt so of course no matter how bad the weather was outside, I would go out for as long as I could stand it. Well, I decided now that I turned 50 years old, it was time to build a deer shack to get out of the elements when the weather can make hunting miserable. And so I did. But, I have my own distribution business which keeps me pretty busy so finding the time to plan it, build it and set it up was a challenge. Then it dawned on me that there must be other guys in my situation that love to hunt as much as I do but who are sick of being miserable in harsh weather. So, we launched Harvey Allen Outdoors and started building them for other guys and then more guys and then more guys. Now we even custom build our shacks for outfitters who need the shacks but don’t have the time to build them and at a pretty fair price over what they could do it themselves. We custom build shacks for hunters who have specific design requirements for their style of hunting. And, of course we build our quality hunting shacks for landowners who love to hunt and want to be out there in any type of weather.


We now operate out of a 6,000 square foot building on 5 acres of land. We have invested in top of the line tools and supplies for all of our building requirements. To build our bases, we buy our metal in bulk, then it is cut it to size using our custom jigs, then it is welded by a top welder with 40 years of experience, then we smooth out the rough spots with a grinder and take them to be powder coated by a professional powder coating business. We hand select our lumber from quality lumber yards who know we will be sending back lumber that does not meet our standards. We use case hardened steel deck screws that are triple coated in ceramic. The hinges we use are specially designed to be squeak free. We make our own doors and windows right here in our shop. The carpet used in a Harvey Allen Hunting Shack is the same they use in top name brand boats. It is made to get wet and then dry out without all the mildew. We use a commercial paint sprayer that professional painters use to paint houses with so we get the best quality coverage.



Until Then - Good Hunting,

Charlie Slater