What’s it like to be a Harvey Allen Client?

We asked Joe Mason from Northern

Minnesota to share his story

with our blog readers.


"I first learned about Harvey Allen Outdoors Blinds when we happened to walk by them at the Minnesota State Fair. My brother Todd and I talked with Charlie for about an hour and went through all of the features of the Blinds. We really liked the heavy duty construction and the Lifetime Guarantee.


We did some more research on other blind manufacturers and their products and decided to go with Harvey Allen Outdoors. The quality, the guarantee and the fact that they deliver and set up the Blinds was hands down the best deal for us. We ordered 4 Blinds to be built and delivered on our hunting land about an hour north of Mille Lacs. It belonged to our dad who left it to me and my brother and my sister so we share it. There is 240 acres with a 3 bedroom log cabin and a large pole building. Charlie sent me an email about 2 weeks ahead of set-up day to get everything confirmed and let me know what to expect and what we needed to get done in preparation. There is for sure some prep to be done before Charlie and his crew show up and we made sure that everything was ready.


Set-up day came and they got there right on time and we got to work. They had a 3 person crew to set-up 3 of the Blinds. Todd and I wanted to set up the last Blind for our sister who lives out of state and is a cancer survivor and never misses deer season. We had our sister’s Blind painted pink-camo. Set-up went much more smoothly than I expected. These guys have obviously done this many times and it only took them about an hour to set-up each Blind. They even gave us some advice on placement and helped us pick out a perfect spot for our sister’s Blind which we nicknamed the “Pink Lady”.


On opening morning we were all in our Blinds and so glad that we had made the purchase because the wind was blowing about 20mph that morning and it was 18 degrees. It didn’t matter being inside of the Blind. That year Todd shot a real nice 10 pointer on opening day. Our sister shot a respectable 8 pointer which was her first nice deer and she had her 13 year old son in the Blind with her for his first hunt. I didn’t shoot a deer during gun season but got a very nice 8 pointer.