So, what is “Military Grade”, anyway ?

Harvey Allen Outdoors promotes our Military Grade, custom built binds but what does that mean?


Great question.

Military Grade means that our blinds are built tough and to exacting detail--specs that could pass military muster.  First, we special order all of our steel in raw tubes and do all of the manufacturing functions right here in our shop. A 5x6 Blind has 58 pieces of steel that are machine cut into exact sizes. Then there are 27 separate holes that are drilled. And finally, there are an amazing 432 welds that are performed and grinded.  After that, it’s off to the powder coaters where we have our own special powder applied and then baked on at 475 degrees.


Then things move to the wood shop where there are 166 pieces of lumber that are cut to exact sizes using jigs that we fabricated ourselves. The hardware we use is all top grade--ceramic coated deck screws, hinges that have plastic inserts. The Blinds are painted on the inside and outside with commercial grade paint and sprayed on with a commercial paint sprayer. We use Thermo-Pane glass that is cut into our custom sizes and we build all of our own doors and windows. Marine grade carpet so things don’t mildew. We top it all off with a steel roof and there you have it.  On average, it takes 83 hours of labor to build a Harvey Allen Blind.  You will not find a better blind anywhere on the market. We guarantee our blinds.