Designing & Building the best Deer Blind on the market

Platinum Blinds

Knowledge and Experience

We have incorporated years of hunting experience from dozens of hunters who have spent thousands of hours hunting from a Deer Blind. We have gathered that knowledge and experience and incorporated all of it into the design of every Harvey Allen Deer Blind. From the window design to the marine carpet to the metal roof or even the standard sizes.


There is experience dictating why a certain material was used or why a certain measurement was developed or why a manufacturing process was incorporated. Innovation is always at the forefront of our Deer Blinds. Things like a metal base that will last for generations of hunters or a Bow Window design that has become the standard in the industry. There are a thousand details that have gone into the design, manufacturing process and materials used.


The “NO-BRAINER” Program

8 out of 10 of our clients choose The No-Brainer Program when purchasing their Deer Blinds. What is it? We build the Deer Blinds, then we deliver the Deer Blinds and finally we install the Deer Blinds in the field on their hunting property. All our client needs to do is order the Deer Blinds and then show us where to put them on the property when the scheduled day arrives.


This is unique to Harvey Allen Outdoors as no other hunting blind company offers this. Our clients love that we show up with the Deer Blind totally prepared and bring all of the necessary tools and materials and of course expertise to the installation process. They take great comfort in knowing that we have done this many times before and know what we are doing and what to expect in the field. We even installed a Deer Blind on top of a rock pile deep in the woods (not that we are looking to make that a regular thing).



  • Stand-up Viewing Windows
  • Silent hinged windows
  • Heavy Duty Ladder
  • Professional Grade Camo paint
  • Metal roof
  • Marine Grade Carpeting
  • Anchor Assembly


Customized Options

  • Thermal Pane Fold Down Windows
  • Thermal Pane Viewing Windows
  • Side Platform Deck and Railing
  • 4x4 Leg and Brace Assembly
  • Camo fold down seats that are height adjustable
  • Shelves for your beverages or thermos
  • Hooks for deer calls and rattling bags