History of the Sapsucker

You see, we are hunters just like you. We love the outdoors like most all hunters do. And, like most hunters, we have our share of ladder stands and strap on stands and even a few climbers. But, sitting in my ladder stand one day I realized there was so much about this experience that I did not like. That gave us some ideas about how to improve the hunting experience from a typical platform stand. So, we started cutting metal and welding up some proto-types. Putting them up and shooting out of them. Then we built some more and asked other hunters for their feedback. Then we built a bunch more and asked the clients to give us feed-back. We were determined to design a platform style stand that was rock solid and comfortable to hunt from. We wanted a stand that you can sit in all day on a nice day and when the moment of truth finally comes, you feel safe enough to focus on the shot.

After several dozen were built and tested, we had finally gathered enough information to complete the design. We applied for a patent and got it. We came up with the brand “Sapsucker” which is another story you can read about in the FAQ section. The Sapsucker is a universal stand that can literally be set-up anywhere and at any height the hunter needs because it does not need a tree. It can be set-up to accommodate the needs of the Archery Hunter or it can be set-up to accommodate the needs of the Rifle or Crossbow Hunter. A number of our clients wanted something that they could teach their kids to hunt out of. So, we developed the Sapsucker Double Stand. One of our clients told us how excited he was that his wife would join him in the stand. He told us that for 25 years she refused to go up in any of the previous stands he had purchased but she felt perfectly safe in the Sapsucker.

We know that every client who purchases a Sapsucker Stand will have many years of enjoyment and pleasurable hunting experiences because they are built to last. They are solid construction made from welded steel and then powder coated for a very durable finish.