Platinum Blinds:

Setup & Delivery



We have set-up hundreds of Blinds over the years. We are experts at this. We offer two types of set-ups;


Setup Assist: $275

This is usually when a client has a skid steer or a tractor and they want to set the Blind up themselves but would like us to be there to oversee things. The client needs to have at least two others available to help hold the 4x4 legs. We basically quarterback the set-ups and the client runs the skid steer or tractor. It typically takes about an hour per Blind start to finish.


Complete Setup: $550

This is where we do all the work. Typically the client is there and participates in the set-up because let’s face it, it’s fun. We always bring the Blinds in a “knockdown” mode when we are hired to do a complete set-up. We do not bring a skid steer or tractor to our client’s property to set up Blinds. The client shows us where to put the Blind and we get to work. It typically takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours per Blind start to finish.


We do not set Blinds up higher than 12 feet. Sorry, that’s our limit. As a client, you can set the Blinds up as high as you like. 95% of all Blinds we sell are put at 8 feet or 10 feet. The rest are either lower or higher. We have set-up Blinds in some crazy situations like during a logging operation with logging vehicles operating 5 feet away from the Blind or putting a Blind on top of a rock pile. We even put a Blinds on a hillside and one in a swamp (during the winter). We set-up Blinds Monday through Saturday. For obvious reasons, we do not do set-ups in the rain as it makes things too slippery to safely work in. All set-ups require that the 4x4 legs and braces be purchased from Harvey Allen Outdoors.

Set-Up Charges: Per Blind


  • Set-Up: Assist — $275
  • Set-Up: Complete — $550

"We have set-up hundreds of Deer Blinds over the years. We are experts at this".

We deliver Blinds in two ways;


Complete Build

The Blind  is completely built and put together and ready to be elevated with a skid steer or tractor. The client needs to have a skid steer or tractor with forks to off load the Blinds once we get there. So, the client definitely needs to be there for this type of delivery.



The Blind  is unassembled and laying flat on a trailer. The base and floor, the walls, the roof are all complete but unassembled. All of the necessary hardware items are included. The client does not need to be present in this type of delivery. The Blind is ready to be taken to the set up location where it is set up one wall at a time and then the roof. We have a video of this in the video section of the website.


We send out a questionnaire to our clients to fill out and send back to us. It asks things like is there enough room to turn around a truck with a 22 foot car trailer or is the area we are delivering going to be muddy. We just need to gather some specifics so that neither of us are surprised with an issue we have to deal with after we get there. Delivery is scheduled usually 2 weeks in advance and is done rain or shine unless the client wishes to reschedule. We deliver Monday through Saturday.

Call or email

with any questions


Delivery Charges: Per Blind


  • 1-50 miles $155
  • 51 - 100 miles $175
  • 101 - 150 miles $225
  • 151 - 200 miles $275
  • 200 + miles: Call for quote