You should be in the woods hunting right now!

February is a great time to do some reconnaissance work in the woods. It’s easy to see in the snow where the deer have been traveling. Look for the most heavily trafficked areas as well as crossing trails. It seems every time I'm out, I find a deer trail I didn’t know about. Of course the food and water sources change during the seasons and so do the deer movements. If you hunt an area regularly or hope to in the future, learning the trails through the seasons will help you learn to think like a deer, and learn the different habits of the big bucks and the does.

Deer Hunting Tips


This time of year I like to check the areas I hunted the previous fall to see if there is much activity in those areas with the hunting pressure gone.  I might consider moving my blind or putting up a second blind. Learning all you can throughout the seasons about deer activity will help you in blind or deer stand placement.  Look for deer beds as well if you like to do morning drives.


In areas where it is allowed, mid-winter is a good time to put out mineral blocks.


An added bonus to getting out to scout your hunting domain, is coming across an antler shed.  This year we have only a few inches of snow which makes it easier to see the sheds--I was lucky enough to find a 10 pointer.  If he made it through the hunting season, we may encounter each other out here come fall.