Wicked Freedom: Deer Blinds

Designed & Customized for the Disabled Hunter

Built to last for over 20 years

We interviewed many disabled hunters during the design phase and these knowledgeable hunters provided us with great feedback as we set out to  create a truly unique hunting Deer Blind — one specifically designed and customized for the disabled hunter.


Wicked Freedom Deer Blinds are designed and built to last for over 20 years and the powder coated solid steel frames are completely maintenance free.  The unique Harvey Allen steel frames are engineered to keep your Wicked Freedom Deer blind in perfect square and alignment and allow the door and windows to function flawlessly with minimal maintenance issues. Deer Blind walls are built using a unique modular design for easy installation in the field and are coated with a commercial paint finish that will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Military Grade Performance

Deer Blind floors are constructed from a high traffic rubber floor material that allows for easy mobility and quick-and-easy cleaning. You’ll stay nice and dry under the maintenance free metal roof which protects occupants from freezing snow and rain.  The silent hinged-windows are constructed with tempered Thermo-pane glass to lock out rain, wind and snow. The 12 foot ramp is 42” wide and is made from powder coated steel specially designed with an anti-slip coating for maximum traction in slippery conditions. The 42” wide door opening provides ample room for the new all-terrain track chairs to easily gain access into the Shack.